Handmade Honeymoon

As you know  I am counting down until our road trip honeymoon of the deep south of the USA.  As a challenge to myself, and to advance my sewing skills, I am attempting to have at least a basic wardrobe of handmade items.

So far I have been sewing a lot of Jersey and I’m not sure how transferable those items are going to be for the trip.  I’m also trying to think about what I wear everyday and not get carried away with prints/fabric.  Also need to consider the weather – I understand it can be quite warm in the Smokies when we arrive and as we travel further down south ending up in New Orleans and Florida it will be very warm – even more so as we’ve not seen the sun since August 2013 in Scotland!

Here are a few of my front runners


I really like the simplicity of the Aurora top from Seamwork and it gives me a sleeveless option.  I don’t tend to wear many sleeveless tops as I don’t like my arms but I figure I can have a lightweight cardigan to drape over.  I have this pattern printed and ready to start.

Next up is the Orla Top from Tilly and the Buttons.  I love the style of this top and it would fit in perfect with my wardrobe.

I’ve just bought this pattern today Simplicity 1613  I have a couple of tops like this in my wardrobe from last summer but the fit isn’t quite right, so I’m hoping to do a couple of the open shoulder tees to wear with shorts/skirts

And finally is the beloved Agnes top from Tilly.  I am already in love with this pattern – and have 2 made up, but I want a couple in more summery colours.


I have already made up the Colette Hawthorn as a shirt but I’m interested in making up a shirt dress.  I have some nice chambray and linen to use.  I also think I might make a Sew Caroline Out and About dress.  I’ve had the pattern in PDF for a while, but never made it up.  However I’ve recently got into PDF patterns so I think I’ll manage it now.

Talking of PDF patterns – I just recently downloaded the Seamwork  mesa tunic so I hope to make one of those.  And any of you who follow me on instagram will know that I am in love with the Colette Moneta dress and the Bettine from Tilly and the Buttons

I think dresses will be a really easy wardrobe choice as it’s a whole outfit in one.  I just need to make sure it’s a lightweight, breathable fabric.


I think the Arielle from Tilly and the Buttons would look great with just plain vests and tees.  I have a black lightweight corduroy one in the sewing queue.  I’m a little worried about the buttons – I’m not great with buttons for some reason – but hopefully I can nail it.

I haven’t bought the Sewaholic Hollyburn skirt, but I see other bloggers showing off their Hollyburn makes all the time, and it does have pockets – yay!

The new Tulip skirt release from Sew Over it is already printed and a toile cut out.  I have 2 beautiful fabrics set aside to make these in and again it will look great with just a plain tee.

Finally I will be tackling trousers.  I love the Ultimate Trouser from Sew Over it  I have fabric for this set aside.  I want to take time and make sure these fit perfectly.  I find that in the summer, I live in these sorts of trousers so I know these will be perfect and at the same time I want to try the Colette Clover 

I shall keep you posted as I go along on my #handmadehoneymoon

What do you think of my pattern selection?  Have I missed any you would absolutely have to add in there?



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