We did it!

It came round in a whirlwind of a year, but the 21st of November came, we said ‘I do’ and we are now married.

What an amazing fortnight we had.
It started with my vintage inspired hen party.  We spent the day in Pin Ups getting a vintage make over.12239876_10153238396321056_4715815960224609108_n

This is a group shot of all my lovely friends.  I think we all look fab!


It was such a fun day.

Here’s a nice one of me with my 3 gorgeous bridesmaids.


Everyone just looked amazing.  We then got the train through to Edinburgh (played bingo on the train – naturally) and then went out for a few drinks and some sushi.  We didn’t take many pictures at night time when we were all in our outfits – but everyone scrubbed up well.

We then had a hectic few days with visitors and then loaded up our van and headed up to Inverness.

We spent the Friday afternoon decorating the venue with all our bits and pieces and then myself and one of the bridesmaids spent the afternoon at the spa – mani/pedi and massage.  Total bliss.

On the morning of the wedding I woke up feeling quite numb.  Hair and make up arrived and I felt like I was going through the motions.


But once my make up was on, my hair was all done it all hit me and I had to fight back the emotions.  Getting into my dress took a LOT longer than I’d anticipated.  I think it took all 3 bridesmaids in the end to get me in it.

I had decided to surprise my husband with a VW camper to transport us to the venue  – I managed to keep the surprise (as did everybody else) and when it arrived he was delighted.  They took him there, then came back for me.  We were running about 10/15 minutes late (Brides prerogative!).

12291158_10153718734600050_753961082087198270_o (1)

Once we arrived at the venue I felt really overcome with it all.  I remember somebody saying to me if you were feeling nervous when the doors open just look for your partner and don’t look at anybody else as you’re walking down the aisle.  That’s exactly what I did.  I just focused on him.  It was absolutely amazing saying our vows – it all went by in a bit of a blur and I’m looking forward to seeing the professional photographs to remind me of it all.  But the feeling afterwards when we were married was immense.  Total elation.

Going off to get our photos taken was one of the highlights – a few stolen moments on our own without the glare of all our guests.  I think it was the happiest day of our lives.

These are a few pics one of our lovely friends took.

It’s an incredible feeling when everything you’ve been planning comes together.  My husband looks so handsome, the flowers were perfect.  And the weather – it has been raining non stop for weeks and still is but on the morning of our wedding day – it was exactly as we’d wished for.  Crisp, sunny, frosty scottish morning.  Could not have wished for better.  Totally blessed.

The cake, the first dance – even my lovely Granny made it to the ceremony.

All of our heart felt crafty touches came together too.  My husband did all the stationery himself – from our wedding invites to everything in the wedding.  Apart from a couple of signs I bought online in the below.  I made all the favours (homemade soaps) and we did all the other touches ourselves too.  It looked great.  It was an amazing feeling seeing it all eventually come together.  Here’s a selection of our own pics but there will be better ones coming I might share later.


I also had to do a dress change.  My gown was too fragile to dance in really. And quite restrictive because of the cut at the shoulder.

And due to some hitches with the purchase of my actual wedding gown I ended up with a second dress so it all turned out well.

So I ran off and changed after the first dance. This dress was great to party in.

We really did have the most fantastic day.

If I had one piece of advice for any brides to be out there, it would be prepare for that emotion to hit you.  It’s coming.  And really, really don’t worry about anything on the day itself.  Set yourself a target for when you are no longer going to worry about anything and stick to it.  Mine was the day I finished work (about 10 days before the wedding) anything that wasn’t done by then didn’t matter any way and on the day I really didn’t care about anything other than marrying my gorgeous man.  Because really that’s all it’s about any way.

And one more thing to think about is whether you want people taking photos during your ceremony.  We didn’t and our celebrant made an announcement to that effect.  Really it made a huge difference to us.  I didn’t want the first photo of me on my wedding day which appeared online being of me as a quivering mess saying my vows and we had a small wedding day and only invited our closest friends and family.  We just wanted people to be present in the moment with us without the distraction of mobile phones.  We spend so much of our lives not appreciating the moment – worrying about getting the perfect shot for our newsfeed that I believe being present in the moment passes us by.  It was the most important moment of both our lives this far.  We wanted it to be kept as such.  I’m so glad we made that decision.




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