Landmark Weekend

Getting married or even organising a wedding is just a sequence of diary appointments and to do lists..  From starting out picking your venue, finding your dress, your rings, your celebrant, suits, stationery, agreeing a guest list, caterers, bands, photographers, make up, hair, choosing your bridal party.  There is never a spare moment.  Really.  Don’t let anybody lie to you and say ‘oh mine wasn’t like that or we just got on with it’.  They are lying.  I organise for a living.  I love an amazing, filtered, colour coded spreadsheet as much as the next person but to say I’ve enjoyed organising our wedding would be a stretch.  The politics involved require a whole other blog post!  But this weekend was a date i had firmly fixed in my mind as the point where all the loose ends would be tied up and I’m pleased to say they are.

We chose a venue in Inverness – Bogbain Farm.IMG_0028  We live in Glasgow.  I’m from the highlands originally, my fiancé spent a lot of time up there during his childhood so it felt like the natural choice.  We went up at the start of the year to agree a lot of the suppliers and this weekend was spent meeting them all again and finalising timings and details for the day.  It’s now 6 weeks until the big day!  All that is left to do is my dress fittings and relax and look forward to it all.  And I am really looking forward to it now.

It is a long old way up that A9 to Inverness and then back down again to Glasgow.  But the sunshine made it worth it.

The sun was absolIMG_0022utely beaming both days and as we have just bought a new DSLR I wished we had more time to stop and take pictures.

We stayed in the Kingsmill where we are staying when w get married.  Had a lovely meal there and then a few too many glasses of fizz with our friends.

Six weeks on Thursday and we’ll be doing this trip again, but for the real thing.

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